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Holland & the Dutch Bulb Fields 2025

Experience the Enchanting Beauty of Spring: Keukenhof Park and Beyond

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of spring's magnificence on our "Holland & the Dutch Bulb Fields" tour. As the world awakens to the beauty of the season, join us for an exploration that promises to immerse you in a captivating tapestry of colors, scents, and history.
Holland & the Dutch Bulb Fields
Breathtaking landscapes

A Dutch Countryside Delight: Villages, Cheese, and Windmills

A full-day coach tour introduces travelers to the tranquil beauty of the Dutch countryside. The journey begins in historic Edam, where cobblestone streets echo with cheese-making traditions. Here, one can indulge in authentic Edam cheese paired with local wines.

By noon, the maritime allure of Volendam beckons. Overlooking the vast Markermeer, Volendam offers a blend of seafood delicacies and maritime traditions. A short stop in Monnickendam provides a peek into the unspoiled charm of Dutch life, away from the usual tourist trails.

The day culminates at Zaanse Schans, a living museum of windmills and Dutch craftsmanship. As the sun sets, the tour draws to a close, leaving visitors with memories of serene landscapes, delectable tastes, and the rhythmic dance of windmill sails against the sky. This excursion is a testament to the simple, profound beauty of the Dutch countryside, a journey worth treasuring.

Blooms Beyond Imagination at Keukenhof Park

Your adventure begins at the legendary Keukenhof Park, a sprawling 32-hectare oasis of floral wonder. Step into a world where more than seven million bulbs burst into life each year, transforming the landscape into a breathtaking panorama of nature's artistry. With over eight hundred diverse tulip varieties as the centerpiece, the park showcases these vibrant blooms in a symphony of displays, private gardens, and artistic installations that grace ten miles of winding footpaths. We include return coach transfers and your entry ticket.

Breathtaking landscapes at Keukenhof Park
Keukenhof Park

A Day in Amsterdam

A treat awaits in the iconic city of Amsterdam. Indulge in a full day of exploration amid the picturesque canals, world-renowned museums, and serene parks. Stroll along historic streets, uncover hidden gems, and relax at charming pavement cafes, immersing yourself in the essence of this vibrant metropolis.

Join Us on this incredible 5-day coach holiday in Celebrating Spring's Splendor... As you embark on this remarkable journey through Holland's springtime treasures, prepare to be captivated by the symphony of colours, scents, and history that await. Book your spot now for an experience that promises to leave you in awe of nature's artistry and human heritage.

Your 5-Day Holiday Itinerary

Day One (Holland) - Journey to your hotel from your chosen pick up point in the U.K.

Day Two (Dutch Countryside Delight: Villages, Cheese, and Windmills) - Start your day with a leisurely breakfast before setting off on a journey to the serene landscapes of the Dutch countryside. Our first stop is Edam, where cobblestone streets beckon with tales of historic cheese-making traditions. Taste authentic Edam cheese paired with regional wines, offering a delightful morning indulgence.

By midday, the maritime charm of Volendam awaits. Here, you can savor local seafood delicacies, embrace maritime traditions, and wander the picturesque promenade along the Markermeer. Following a brief visit to the quaint town of Monnickendam, we immerse ourselves in the authentic charm of the Dutch village life.

The grand finale of our day is at Zaanse Schans, a living testimony to Dutch craftsmanship and heritage, showcasing majestic windmills and artisanal workshops. As the sun begins its descent, we'll reflect on the simple, profound beauty of the Dutch countryside before heading back, carrying memories that promise to last a lifetime.

Day Three (Keukenhof Park & the Dutch Bulb Fields) - Enjoy your breakfast before travel to Keukenhof Bulbfields at Lisse for a full day excursion. Here you can wander through the tulip fields and follow the waterways and streams through the stunning and unique parks.

Day Four (Amsterdam) - After breakfast you can enjoy another excursion to the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam. Explore the city by boat on one of their delightful boat cruises, see the many of the cultural museums, or sit in one of their riverfront cafes and watch the world go by - the day is of your choosing!

Day Five (Journey Home) - Depart after breakfast for our journey back to the U.K. returning home full of fond memories.

Your Hotel

You will stay three or four nights at a comfortable three-star hotel located within easy coaching distance of Amsterdam and the Bulb fields. Your hotel will have well-furnished en-suite bedrooms as well as a relaxing bar and restaurant where continental breakfast and dinner will be included.

Dates & Prices

5 Days / Tour code: "BUL5"
28 Apr 2025£549£539

Single supplement £199.00.

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